Demystifying the coffee supply chain

17 Jun 2020
Colombia | 4 min read

A story of two quality-focused coops in the Colombian coffee belt

Cafenorte and Coopcafes, two quality-focused cooperatives in the Colom...

By algrano
06 Feb 2020
Colombia | 4 min read

From exotic cup to 85+: Sierra Nevada is dressing up to a new fashion

Coffees from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia have been tradit...

By algrano
04 Feb 2020
"Discoveries" Colombia | 5 min read

The Santander Cluster: San Fernando and Buena Vista

Gonzalo Mancilla - Finca San Fernando What are the chances of meeting ...

By algrano
24 Jan 2020
"Discoveries" Colombia | 7 min read

The Coffee Cluster: La Pradera and Forestal Café

Oscar (left) and Luís Alfredo discuss processing in between the covere...

By algrano
13 Jan 2020
"Discoveries" Colombia | 4 min read

The Santander Coffee Cluster: El Sauce and Las Margaritas

By algrano
08 Jan 2020
Colombia | 7 min read

The Santander Coffee Cluster: La Esperanza and Hoyo Frío

For many roasteries, Colombian coffee equals the Central and Southern ...

By algrano
09 Dec 2019
Colombia | 5 min read

New relationships and consolidating shipments in Northern Colombia

Growers are traveling more. Though it is a costly endeavour for them, ...

By algrano
25 Nov 2019
"Discoveries" Colombia | 3 min read

2020: Prepare for North Colombia

The two regions Santander and Sierra Nevada in the North of Colombia w...

By algrano

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