Demystifying the coffee supply chain

23 Oct 2023
Roasters Transparency | 8 min read

New: Business Impact Reports Give Roasters Coffee Sourcing Data

Individual impact reports are now available for all roasters sourcing ...

14 Aug 2020

“Quality, transparency and the story” - how Langøra builds strong coffee partnerships

Langøra, a Norwegian roastery and an ambassador of Algrano, is a stron...

By algrano
08 Jul 2020

Copenhagen Coffee Lab + Jumarp: a Danish-Peruvian synergy

At Algrano we keep saying we're in the business of fostering coffee re...

By algrano
13 Jul 2018

Amazon tribe protects rainforest through coffee and tech

Less than half-a-century ago, first contact from the outside world was...

By algrano
30 May 2018
Transparency Supply Chain | 4 min read

Going the extra mile

In this latest blog in a series of articles about demystifying the sup...

By algrano
17 Aug 2017

Cultivating the next generation of coffee entrepreneurs

The story of Costa Rica’s grano de oro – or golden bean - began in the...

By algrano
11 May 2017

Demystifying the coffee value chain

In the first of a series of blogs that shines a light onto different a...

By algrano
27 Apr 2017

Opening a window into coffee

Standing between the producer and the consumer in a complex supply cha...

By algrano
07 Dec 2016
Roasters Transparency | 4 min read

Coffee quality and transparency is the new black

Neues Schwarz is a striking-looking coffee shop where a harmonious bal...

By algrano

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