Demystifying the coffee supply chain

06 Mar 2023
Ethiopia Roasters | 11 min read

How to Roast Ethiopian Coffee With Horsham and Pikola - Part 2

This is the second of a series of two articles about roasting Ethiopia...

By Algrano
20 Feb 2023
Ethiopia Roasters | 8 min read

How to Roast Ethiopian Coffee With Horsham and Pikola - Part 1

When roasters source coffee on Algrano, they get access to offer sampl...

By Algrano
06 Apr 2021

Beyond cup scores and blind cuppings: insights from the El Salvador virtual tour

Last week, the El Salvador virtual trip turned into a round table abou...

17 Dec 2020

To pod or not to pod: 5 tips and coffees to help you embrace the at-home market

The pandemic’s “new normal” has led to dramatic changes in consumption...

By algrano
18 May 2020
Events Roasters | 2 min read

Demystifying Digital Relationships - Webinar with Gringo Nordic and Neues Schwarz

Real partnerships between roasters and growers are not only more susta...

By algrano
30 Aug 2018
Roasters | 3 min read

Roasting Royalty Looks to the Future

Many family-run roasteries attach a proud sense of heritage and tradit...

By algrano
26 Apr 2018
Roasters | 3 min read

Celebrating ten years on the light side

Like many people’s journey into coffee, Armin Machhörndl can remember ...

By algrano
13 Dec 2017
Roasters | 4 min read

Reinventing the coffee menu for restaurateurs

The disconnect between the attention to detail in the kitchen and the ...

By algrano
31 Oct 2017
Roasters | 4 min read

We are what we drink

Although times have changed since his grandfather and father ran a cof...

By algrano
02 Aug 2017
Roasters | 3 min read

Competing in specialty without compromise

When it comes to serving specialty, compromise is strictly off the men...

By algrano
27 Jun 2017
Roasters | 3 min read

The road from commercial to specialty

For more than a decade, Ancis Romanovskis was a successful entrepreneu...

By algrano

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