Demystifying the coffee supply chain

17 Dec 2020

To pod or not to pod: 5 tips and coffees to help you embrace the at-home market

The pandemic’s “new normal” has led to dramatic changes in consumption...

By algrano
01 Dec 2020

A digital-first coffee brand: the secret behind GOAT STORY

The year 2020 has showed all of us the enormous potential of digital. ...

By algrano
18 Nov 2020
product | 2 min read

What's New in Product - November 2020

Algrano platform keeps getting better and better. Last month we releas...

By algrano
16 Nov 2020
Peru | 3 min read

Peru 2020 Shortlisted Series: giving Peruvian farmers a second chance

Cup of Excellence (CoE), the largest quality competition for coffee on...

By algrano
27 Oct 2020
About Algrano | 4 min read

From brown to green: an introduction to the new Customer Success Manager

Hi, my name is Coen and I am the latest team member to join Algrano! I...

By algrano
07 Oct 2020
Brazil | 6 min read

A Story of Algrano's First Ever Quality Competition in Brazil

Brazil has played an important part in the history of Algrano. This is...

By algrano
06 Oct 2020
Events | 1 min read

Calendar of October Events - Algrano Coffee Carnival 🇧🇷

October 2020 had a special place in the heart of every coffee lover. T...

By algrano
19 Aug 2020
Relationship Algraknowhow | 5 min read

Why roasters should negotiate prices with growers:  4 tips how to do it

All the coffee lots you find at Algrano have been priced by the produc...

By algrano
14 Aug 2020

“Quality, transparency and the story” - how Langøra builds strong coffee partnerships

Langøra, a Norwegian roastery and an ambassador of Algrano, is a stron...

By algrano
11 Aug 2020
product | 1 min read

EXW -> FCA: change of Algrano terms

Algrano is happy to announce the migration from EXW to FCA contract te...

By algrano
14 Jul 2020
product | 1 min read

Set up custom coffee alerts and save time browsing

Keeping track of all amazing coffees available in the market is not an...

By algrano

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