Demystifying the coffee supply chain

06 Apr 2021

Beyond cup scores and blind cuppings: insights from the El Salvador virtual tour

Last week, the El Salvador virtual trip turned into a round table abou...

12 Mar 2021
product | 1 min read

All coffee orders in one screen - Your new orders dashboard is here!

Welcome to your new orders dashboard at Algrano! We’ve been working ha...

By algrano
08 Mar 2021

Six outstanding coffees from amazing female producers

It is important to source coffee from female producers. It is a buildi...

By algrano
04 Mar 2021
Colombia | 5 min read

Weird and wonderful: a list of unusual Colombian coffees

When the early 2000s coffee price crisis hit and specialty coffee star...

By algrano
16 Feb 2021
About Algrano Big News | 3 min read

Proving the forecasts wrong: Algrano 2020 numbers revealed

Companies start the year with a budget. Budgets are inflexibly based o...

By algrano
11 Feb 2021
Ethiopia | 3 min read

From home gardens to your roastery: a bouquet of Ethiopian coffees

Ethiopian coffees taste like flowers and we all love them for it. A cu...

By algrano
14 Jan 2021
| 2 min read

Join our virtual origin trip to Colombia

All coffee professionals crave trips to the origin. They give us the f...

By algrano
17 Dec 2020

To pod or not to pod: 5 tips and coffees to help you embrace the at-home market

The pandemic’s “new normal” has led to dramatic changes in consumption...

By algrano
01 Dec 2020

A digital-first coffee brand: the secret behind GOAT STORY

The year 2020 has showed all of us the enormous potential of digital. ...

By algrano
18 Nov 2020
product | 2 min read

What's New in Product - November 2020

Algrano platform keeps getting better and better. Last month we releas...

By algrano
16 Nov 2020
Peru | 3 min read

Peru 2020 Shortlisted Series: giving Peruvian farmers a second chance

Cup of Excellence (CoE), the largest quality competition for coffee on...

By algrano

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