Demystifying the coffee supply chain

23 Feb 2022

New: source spot coffees directly from producers on Algrano!

Source spot with a twist: get your green coffee fast, whilst purchasin...

13 Aug 2021
About Algrano | 5 min read

The nagging startup feeling of a former banker - meet Florian, our new CFO

In June 2021 the Algrano team welcomed a new member - Florian Schaffne...

By algrano
16 Feb 2021
About Algrano Big News | 3 min read

Proving the forecasts wrong: Algrano 2020 numbers revealed

Companies start the year with a budget. Budgets are inflexibly based o...

By algrano
27 Oct 2020
About Algrano | 5 min read

From brown to green: an introduction to the new Customer Success Manager

Hi, my name is Coen and I am the latest team member to join Algrano! I...

By algrano
19 May 2020

Removing the logistics blockers for direct coffee trade

Exporting and importing logistics is no longer a barrier for roasters ...

By algrano
20 Feb 2020
About Algrano 5 Questions | 3 min read

Ask what services they provide: Algrano’s answer to 5 Questions Roasters Should Ask Their Green Coffee Importer

Click here to read last week's answer to "Ask how they cup"

By algrano
13 Feb 2020
About Algrano 5 Questions | 4 min read

Ask how they cup: 5 Questions Roasters Should Ask Their Green Coffee Importer, Perfect Daily Grind

In response to Perfect Daily Grind's blog: 5 Questions Roasters Should...

By algrano
27 Apr 2017

Opening a window into coffee

Standing between the producer and the consumer in a complex supply cha...

By algrano

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