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Written by algrano
on March 12, 2021

Welcome to your new orders dashboard at Algrano!

We’ve been working hard to update your green coffee management experience. Following feedback from roasters, we decided to make it easier than ever to have an overview of all your orders and see exactly what you need to do to manage your coffee on Algrano.
So, what’s new?
  • You can now see all of your orders in one view. Scroll right to see everything from sample orders to fully delivered contracts.
  • Access the key info on your coffee quickly. Open up any card to find out details like price, bags available/ordered and important dates.
  • We’ve started to remind you of your coffee-related tasks, sorted by urgency. The new task list reminds you to order coffees you have sampled before shipment closing dates, pay invoices and order warehouse releases. You can dismiss these notifications at any time by clicking ‘dismiss’, or snooze a warehouse release reminder for 7 days.
Not what you were looking for? You can go back to the old view at any time by clicking on the link in the blue banner. 
As we are testing this new experience, and will be updating it in the coming months, we would love any feedback; shoot our product team an email using the link in the banner, or reach out to your designated sales manager.

Thanks to all the roasters who took part in user research for the new design. Hasbean, Scanomat, 80 stone roasters, Adrianos, Drip, Bell Lane.

"I really like the beta version of 'my orders', looking very clean, yet there's a lot of valuable information available very quickly. Looking forward to use this for our orders."
Fabian Schmid, Owner, Drip Coffee Roasters


Go to the platform to test the new features and browse amazing new coffees.


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