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Written by algrano
on March 17, 2022

Algrano’s new feature Coffee Requests makes it easier for green buyers to get tailored offers to match each roastery’s unique needs. Save time sourcing by reaching out to multiple producers in one click and letting the right coffees come to you! You just need to ask…

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If you are the green buyer for your roastery, you know that finding the right coffee can be hard work. Even on Algrano, where search filters facilitate browsing the nearly 180 listed lots and a team works in the background to help sellers put the right coffees on offer, sometimes you just don’t find what you are looking for. 

On a survey recently conducted by Algrano*, finding a unique coffee was listed as a top challenge by 46% of roaster respondents. Just over 50% said they struggle to find the "right price" for coffee and ensure that the order will arrive at the right time. Why is this still happening when there are so many offers available on the marketplace? 

The answer is simple. Only you know exactly what you need. Every roastery is unique and no offer list (or coffee directory for that matter) can cater for everyone at all times. This is why we’re happy to announce the new feature Coffee Requests, a matchmaking tool that acts as a loudspeaker and helps you find what you’re looking for every time. 


If your search ends up with no results, you can ask to receive new offers for the coffees you couldn't find!

Now, you can create a unique coffee request on the platform that will be automatically shared with Verified Sellers who match your selected origins. No need to spend time on the phone calling lots of people or going through multiple offer lists. No need to limit yourself to offer lists either. Dozens of matching sellers receive your direct demand in one click.   

"Having more insight about the coffee needs of roasters is one of the top priorities for sellers on Algrano. So far, samples have often been the first point of contact. With offer requests, we can go much further. For us, enabling direct requests is another step towards balancing the supply chain, allowing roasters to connect directly with sellers at the beginning of their journey." - Simon Streit, Algrano’s Product Owner

To create a request, go to My Algrano and click on the Requests tab. It takes only a few minutes!

Receive recommendations from the real experts
Producers know their coffees better than anyone else. They taste the same lots year after year. They receive feedback from dozens of buyers for all their coffees. There is no one better to give you a recommendation than a coffee farmer. When you make a request, they’ll suggest the lots that match your needs not based on a few cupping sessions but on years (maybe decades) of experience. It’s better than any search filter.


You can make your request as specific as you want, from the variety of the coffee to the flavour notes.

Get coffees you won’t find anywhere else
Verified Algrano Sellers have a lot more coffee than what they list on the marketplace. The public offers on our directory simply reflect what they believe has more potential to sell due to market preferences. When you request an offer, you can tap into everything else they produce and receive exclusive samples. Why limit yourself to offer lists when you can explore beyond with the same quality control offered by our lab team? As only Verified Sellers can see requests, we know their offers can be trusted.

“It's common for producers to not list all of their lots on the platform, so this way of asking for what they need and seeing who will give them an offer not only reduces the amount of time the roaster spends searching for coffee but also should return coffees much more in line with what they are looking for.” - Tom Booth, Algrano’s Sales Manager UK

Control your request - and who sees it
You can choose to broadcast your request to all Verified Sellers on the origins you choose on your request. However, if you already have established relationships and want only your existing suppliers to see your demands, you can select them specifically. You can also compare different offers in table view and close your requests once you find the coffee you’re looking for.


Compare different offers side by side and chose the best one!

Stop wasting time with unrequested samples
Roasters receive many unrequested samples because producers (and even importers) don’t know exactly what you need to start with. By sharing a request you make sure all new samples you get match your basic criteria. For producers, this saves money when sending samples. For roasters, it can save a heck of a lot of time.

"We receive lots of unrequested samples from people who don't know what we're looking for at that time so chances are pretty high that there won't be a fit. Requests would help with this!"- Fabian Schmid, Drip Roasters, Switzerland

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Our special thank you to the roasters and producers who helped us shape this feature: Coffee Circle, Drip Roasters, Bell Lane Coffee Roasters, Cafesmo, Bright Java Coffee, Finca Las Brisas and Gaia Farm.

*Survey conducted as part of the Market Review to be published in full in April 2022.

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