Demystifying the coffee supply chain

11 Aug 2020
product | 1 min read

EXW -> FCA: change of Algrano terms

Algrano is happy to announce the migration from EXW to FCA contract te...

By algrano
14 Jul 2020
product | 1 min read

Set up custom coffee alerts and save time browsing

Keeping track of all amazing coffees available in the market is not an...

By algrano
08 Jul 2020
Peru Relationship | 4 min read

Copenhagen Coffee Lab + Jumarp: a Danish-Peruvian synergy

At Algrano we keep saying we're in the business of fostering coffee re...

By algrano
06 Jul 2020
Rwanda | 3 min read

Caferwa: A link to Rwanda’s past and eyes on the future

Caferwa: A link to Rwanda’s past and eyes on the future Back in 1957, ...

By algrano
30 Jun 2020
Rwanda | 6 min read

Baho Coffee: The boy who ate the dog

Being called a dog is a serious offense in Rwanda. Imbwa zizabarya, to...

By algrano
24 Jun 2020
Rwanda | 6 min read

The magic behind Gasharu’s coffee

Many people today would describe coffee as magical. As a child growing...

By algrano
18 Jun 2020
Mexico | 3 min read

Fairtrade and high-quality: Taza Dorada competition lots online for the first time

A story about the finest Mexican coffees of the year, Fairtrade compet...

By algrano
17 Jun 2020
Colombia | 4 min read

A story of two quality-focused coops in the Colombian coffee belt

Cafenorte and Coopcafes, two quality-focused cooperatives in the Colom...

By algrano
05 Jun 2020
Mexico | 1 min read

Harvest report Mexico - Oaxaca

Coffee production in Oaxaca, Southern Mexico, comes mainly from smallh...

By algrano
03 Jun 2020
product | 2 min read

What's new in product - 4 cool features released in May

Algrano platform keeps getting better and better. Smooth user experien...

By algrano
28 May 2020
Guatemala | 3 min read

Leaving the shadow of Antigua: Discover Palencia and Ciudad Vieja

Antigua was Guatemala’s first coffee “brand”. Nestled in a valley near...

By algrano

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