Demystifying the coffee supply chain

24 Jan 2020
"Discoveries" Colombia | 7 min read

The Coffee Cluster: La Pradera and Forestal Café

Oscar (left) and Luís Alfredo discuss processing in between the covere...

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13 Jan 2020
"Discoveries" Colombia | 4 min read

The Santander Coffee Cluster: El Sauce and Las Margaritas

By algrano
08 Jan 2020
Colombia | 7 min read

The Santander Coffee Cluster: La Esperanza and Hoyo Frío

For many roasteries, Colombian coffee equals the Central and Southern ...

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09 Dec 2019
Colombia | 5 min read

New relationships and consolidating shipments in Northern Colombia

Growers are traveling more. Though it is a costly endeavour for them, ...

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25 Nov 2019
"Discoveries" Colombia | 3 min read

2020: Prepare for North Colombia

The two regions Santander and Sierra Nevada in the North of Colombia w...

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04 Nov 2019
Honduras | 10 min read

Following Benjamin Pozsgai's #waytotaipei

Benjamin Pozsgai is a veteran of coffee roasting competitions. With fo...

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30 Oct 2019
"Discoveries" Peru | 2 min read

They did it again: Norcafé ranks among the top 10 in Peru’s Cup of Excellence

Members of the Cooperativa Agraria Norcafé, Peru, are in the mood for ...

By algrano
22 Oct 2019
"Discoveries" Tanzania | 4 min read

Jumping on Tanzania’s roller coaster

Think of a roller coaster. Loops, corkscrews, turns... The history of ...

By algrano
18 Oct 2019
"Discoveries" Brazil Grower | 6 min read

Meet the farmer: Alessandro Hervaz talks about the Brazilian harvest and his approach to naturals

Alessandro Alves Hervaz is the man behind some of the highest-scoring ...

By algrano
14 Oct 2019
"Discoveries" Tanzania | 5 min read

Tanzania: Take a sip on the wild side

Coffee trees in Northern Tanzania are deeply rooted in the volcanic so...

By algrano
10 Oct 2019
Brazil Events | 7 min read

Coffee Roasters Guild Camp 2019, Annecy

Last week, the European coffee scene congregated above Lake Annecy, Fr...

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