Demystifying the coffee supply chain

Written by algrano
on May 18, 2020

Real partnerships between roasters and growers are not only more sustainable, but they are also fun and good for business. This is a recording of a panel discussion with two roasters - Johan Ekfeldt (Gringo Nordic) and Benedikt Heitmann (Neues Schwarz) on how digital platforms like Algrano can make direct coffee relationships easier and accessible to the players of any size.

"The best thing about Algrano is that I don’t even have to ask for information. I just get it. You serve it without me asking. That’s amazing!" - Johan, Gringo Nordic. 

Watch the discussion about the key benefits of sourcing coffees directly and the role of digital in enhancing the experience. The video contains a couple of surprises and a demo of the new shipping service. 



Table of Contents:

0:00:00 Opening words and introduction with Susanna and Richard (Algrano)

0:04:15: Luiza, Discoveries Manager (Algrano), interviewing two roasting veterans and relationship ambassadors Johan Ekfeldt (Gringo Nordic) and Benedikt Heitmann (Neues Schwarz)

0:05:10: What is the role direct relationships play in roasting business?

0:10:42: How has the process changed for you since you started buying coffee directly via the digital platform?

0:14:30 Would you say it's harder work to source coffee directly?

0:18:10 How are you managing relationships in the corona times and what's the forecast for the coming year?

0:20:50 How Algrano has helped you make sourcing coffee directly possible? 0:25:30 A short demo how to order samples via Algrano

0:27:50 Surprise - inviting the growers who work with Johan and Benedikt and joined the webinar as visitors to introduce themselves

0:30:30 Fabricio, a grower (SanCoffee) from Brazil, sharing why relationships are important for producers

0:31:53 What are you best memories from direct relationships and do you have any fun stories from your career as a roaster sourcing coffees directly?

0:44:44 Does sourcing directly help you find unique coffees and stand out?

0:46:54 Introducing new shipping by Algrano services to easily ship directly sourced coffees for orders of any size - live demo

0:50:40 - Q&A

Discover our coffees and build relationships yourself! 


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